The Best in Troy Owned and operated by Mark Miron, the Park Pub sits a top a beautiful hillside setting, adjacent to the Frear Park Hockey Rink and overlooking the Frear Park Golf Course. With a little bit of Irish style, we conceptualize an inviting social and dining atmosphere, whether having a brew at the bar, enjoying a leisurely lunch, having a fireplace dinner setting or just spending time during happy hour and relishing in our patio view (weather permitting). And of course … we are most famous for our pizzzzzzzza and award winnings chicken wings!
Enjoy our new Dining Room with our 8′ x 6′ HDTV Screen, a 25′ Chalk Board, Bose Surround Sound, 48 seats, & much more. Perfect for your next get together, meeting, birthday, bachelor party, wedding rehearsal, baby shower etc….